Direct information provision aimed at professionals and client groups

All Dutch citizens have a right to good and correct information about sexuality and sexual health, both in print and on the Internet.

Provide the right information

There are many independent citizens who are able to find information on the Internet and who want to be able to solve their own problems. It is vital, therefore, to provide them with the right information. People will increasingly feel the need to find information and help themselves further without interference of professionals.

Online and offline information

Information is partly disseminated through the classic channel of flyers and brochures. Though many people still appreciate this way of receiving information, the Internet is the most common source of information. A huge amount of information on sexuality can be found on the Internet, but it is not easy to distinguish between reliable and unreliable information. Therefore, the online and offline information channels of Rutgers WPF need to be well maintained and recognizably lead to objective information about sexual health. This also stimulates people to manage their own problems and guides them to suitable help.