Field offices

In most cases Rutgers WPF supervises its projects in developing countries from our head offfice in Utrecht, the Netherlands, carrying out field trips whenever necessary. However, in Pakistan and Indonesia the programmes are so large that supervision by a local office proves more efficient.

Advantages of working through field offices:

  • Possibility of gaining a better understanding of the context/setting
  • Better understanding of the sexual and reproductive health and rights' situation and issues
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness in project/programme management
  • Possibility of developing a closer partnership with partners
  • Actively participate in local SRHR networks
  • Access to decentralised funding opportunities

Islamabad and Jakarta

Field offices have been set up in Islamabad and Jakarta. In these offices only local staff are employed. The field offices have close contacts with (potential) partner organisations and local governments. The field office in Pakistan has been recognised as the local representative of Rutgers WPF as an international NGO. The field offices report to the head office in Utrecht.

Until March 2013, there also was a field office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Read also: Vietnam is standing on its own feet

The managers of the field offices are:

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