Healthcare covers many areas. Rutgers WPF particularly focusses on prevention and additional sexuality counselling for young people. Rutgers WPF develops products and services to support professionals working in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare: Strengthening prevention within care

Rutgers WPF focusses on prevention and additional sexuality counselling for young people in cooperation with Municipal Health Centres, Youth Care and Family Centres and via Sense, an organisation promoting the sexual health of young people. Preventive healthcare particularly strives to reach children, adolescents and their parents, thus helping them positively and informatively. When problems are signalled, the person(s) in question can then be referred to the appropriate counselling.

GPs and midwives

GPs and midwives play an important part in advising and prescribing contraceptives. Contraceptive methods are easily available in the Netherlands, though in times when financial cuts are imposed, compensation of (oral) contraceptives may come under pressure. Midwives play an important role since they encourage women to  think timely about contraception after the birth of their babies.
As well as this, GPs and midwives may notice signs of other sexual-health issues, relating to sexual violence and sexual problems for example. GPs and midwives, therefore, should be aware of the broad range of issues that can arisie within the area of sexual and reproductive health, be capable of discussing and advising on these matters adequately and be able to signal problems and refer the person in question to the appropriate counselling.