Rutgers WPF and the Dutch Postcode Lottery

Rutgers WPF annually receives support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and its participants. In 2013 Rutgers WPF can count on a contribution of 900,000 Euro. The amount is derived from the 2012 proceeds of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

The Postcode Lottery helps!

The Dutch Postcode Lottery is the largest charity lottery in the Netherlands. Fifty percent of the money from the tickets sold goes to charity organisations working in the areas of (natural) environment, development aid, human rights and social cohesion.

Largest Dutch Charity Lottery

Since 1989 the Dutch Postcode Lottery has accumulated funds to support organisations that work towards a fairer, greener world. Fifty percent of the total investment is reserved for charities. The lottery has developed into the largest charity lottery of the Netherlands and supports 89 non-governmental organisations. The Dutch Postcode Lottery is part of the  National Charity Lottery N.V. Holding which also includes the  BankGiro Lottery and the Sponsor Bingo Lottery.

The Postcode Lottery and its participants

Thanks to the 2.5 million participants of the Postcode Lottery, over 290 million euro has been divided over 89 non-governmental organisations for 2012. Annually thousands of participants win prizes such as millions of euros, televisions, cars and bicycles. The ‘street prize’ is awarded every week; every month the SuperPostcodePrize of one million euro is awarded and twice a year whole neighbourhoods win during the ‘Belter Presentations’ (Kanjeruitreikingen in Dutch).

Buy an (extra) ticket and support Rutgers WPF

With a ticket you can play the Postcode Lottery and support Rutgers WPF and other charities. So take part and buy a ticket!