Sexual and relational education

Sexual and relational education is not obligatory in Dutch schools. However, school can play an important part in providing information.

Primary school education

We believe that sexuality education should start at primary school. The emphasis lies on interaction, getting to know and accepting your own body, sexual feelings and social empowerment.

Secondary school education

At secondary schools sexuality education shifts to learning about how to express wishes and limits in relationships, sexual empowerment, knowledge of contraception and the right use of contraceptives. Low educated young people have a lower score on sexual health and therefore pre-vocational schools (VMBO level) deserve extra attention.

Vocational secondary schools

Students at vocational secondary schools (ROC’s) represent an important group. These students (16-21 years of age) commonly have sexual experience and run risks.
Pupils at special schools are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment. Reaching these pupils requires adjustment of the methods used.

Teaching the teachers

It is important that teachers feel competent and comfortable with sexuality education. For this reason we work together with the teacher training colleges for primary (Pabo) and secondary (HBO) school teachers.