Sexual violence in the Netherlands

Prevention of sexual violence is of the utmost importance in the Netherlands. Furthermore, support is needed for both victims of sexual violence and adolescent first offenders. The fight against homophobia still needs attention.

Healthcare for victims of sexual violence

Healthcare for victimes of sexual violence is delivered by specialised social workers (recently mainstreamed) in mental healthcare settings. This is completely financially covered by legal measures or health insurance.

Prevention of sexual violence

Prevention of sexual violence has increasingly become part of in- and out-of-school sex education. Adolescent first offenders, when faced with legal measures, may be required to follow an educational programme, focused on attitudes and skills aimed at preventing repetition of the offence. These Mandatory Educational Programmes for Juvenile Sex Offenders are carried out by Rutgers WPF.


Homosexuality is discussed by many (but not all) teachers of school-based sexuality education. Specialised services for homosexual men and women have long been available in the larger cities. The Ministry of Education has suggested additional measures to serve the emancipation of homosexual men and women and to fight homophobia. The possibilities mentioned include providing schools with guidelines on how to deal with homosexuality or providing financial support to increase homo-friendliness, specifically among groups noted for homonegativity.