Dutch Postcode Lottery awards € 900,000 to Rutgers WPF


Great News! On top of the annual grant of € 900,000 the Dutch Postcode Lottery has awarded Rutgers WPF an extra donation.


The Dutch Postcode Lottery has given Rutgers WPF a donation of € 1,9 million at the annual Charitable Capital Ceremony (Goed Geld Gala) in Amsterdam on 9 February 2012 in order to realise the Lovebuzz project. The Lovebuzz is a big truck that is going to be converted to a veritable mobile voyage of discovery, that will call in at schools all over the Netherlands. Pupils of pre-vocational secondary schools (vmbo) in the age of 12-14 years will playfully get to know about relationships and sexuality and discuss this among themselves.

Learning more with the help of your mobile phone

The Dutch Postcode Lottery also awarded € 1.7 million to AMREF and Rutgers WPF for the development of an M-Learning programme for midwives in Africa. The programme offers nurses and midwives in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania the opportunity to develop professionally and to keep their medical knowledge up to date.

Distribution of the grants

Would you like to know how the Dutch Postcode Lottery has distributed the grants among the various charity organisations, we refer you to the document 'Toewijzingen Nationale Postcode Loterij 2011' (pdf).